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DADE business portal news publishes practical information aiming to brings together a entrerpreneurs seeking coaching, advisors. Economic development and job creation should stem from networking with major corporations and service providers to deliver strategic resources to help entrepreneurs start and scale companies.

By collecting pieces of information, it encourages the creation of new startups. Its principal focus, in gathering and organizing this information, is to guide  future entrepreneurs to form new companies with high-growth potential and contribute to the development of the local economy.

The Start-up Business Center and Incubator offers all what is needed by future entrepreneurs: office space, computers, fax machines, copiers, and media equipement. All the necessary resources are available such as counsellors and many networking opportunities. The business center offers tools and resources on the basics of starting a business through small business workshops, taking place in Miami-Dade county, live personal connections to the guidance. Find the help you need for establishing your new business  or existing business start up and develop it. Insure your success and connect immediately with the valuable resources available to your businesses, locally in Miami-Dade community.


Consulting is provided for all aspects of every business: Legal form, Management, Profitability,  operations, management, financial projections and marketing strategy
How to succeed getting the maximum clients possible in the shortest time after opening your business. How to succeed in offering the right product and good customer service
Assisting in hiring and helping human resources administrators, providing services like ensuring that employees are paid accurately and all government dues are paid in time.

DADE Small Business News

Joining the center is a great opportunity for you to succeed: Come meet a team offering adequate assistance and dedicated to accompany you in your startup and early-stage company.

  • Business Services and Logistics
  • Coaching and training
  • Helping you Marketing your products and services
  • Networking and assistance to find financing and partners.
  • Creating jobs and promoting economic development.

Business Services Available onsite

“Be your own boss and start your business. We accompany you step by step and together we can create jobs and develop our city economically’’

SBC invites you to join the movement

Business Center News Portal

SBC - Start-up Business Center is a small business incubator: A business model research and innovation meeting place. SBC offers Business Services and Small Business Counseling and Training Assistance. It is a meeting point for entrepreneurs for networking and Referrals to start your Business
BDA - Business Development Agency provides management assistance to current and prospective small business owners, for economic development
CMBO- Chartered Managers and Business Owners, retired senior executives volunteering to provide management assistance, advise, and mentoring to aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners.
SFMA - Sales force and Marketing Agency Program is designed to provide entrepreneurial training and development services such as training in marketing  and sales for candidates considering starting a small business.
US China Chamber of Commerce is designed to be a one-stop shop of export assistance for manufacturers offering warehousing, showroom, sales team and customer services, post sale repair and maintenance workshop.