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A studio to create podcasts consisiting to make and publish on the internet series of audio, digital radio, PDF, Epub files syndicated or streamed online to a computer or mobile devices and portable media players. Market your products, present your projects, train your employees, communicate with the press.

Also produce webinars, podcasts for your business, we help you make them and broadcast them on the internet, youtube, facebook and all the social networks.

We invite all art students and business owners to join us. We have all the equipment to record and edit your clips. If you are an art student you can register to make your internship with our studios.

Help with business startup basics
Comprehensive business training programs
Links to business education resources
Advisory boards and mentors

Marketing assistance
Networking activities
Commercialization assistance and strategies
Help with presentation skills to promote your business

Resources to help you prepare a presentation of your project to strategic partners
Business plan writing workshops to promote your concept to angel investors or venture capital
Access to information on bank loans, loan funds and guarantee programs
Management team identification and recruitment of employees

Regulatory requirements
Help with regulatory compliance
Intellectual property management


325 East 10 Court, Hialeah, Florida, 33010, USA - Email: